Danlin Industries CEO talks about moving on after the explosion

It's been just a little more than a week since an explosion rocked the town of Thomas. Investigators still don't know what caused the fire at Danlin Industries, but on Friday FOX25 got a closer look at the damage.

Danlin Industries CEO Roger Floyd couldn't even put into words what it was like seeing his building go up in flames. But the shock has worn off and now his biggest concern is getting back to business.

Danlin COO Mike Brown said, "Our plans are to build back here in Thomas. There's where our home is."

When Floyd got the call on the night of September 18th, he says he pulled out of his driveway and saw the fireball going up. He knew right away that the business he worked so hard to grow was gone. But he also knew they'd come back stronger.

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On Thursday, Brown took FOX25's Christine VanTimmeren as close to the facility as he safely could to talk about what's being done. Given the strong winds lately, crews want to keep the area as secure as possible so no one gets hurt.

"In the last week we've been able to get in there and see the damage. It's a total loss, 100%," said Brown.

Emergency management officials and investigators have been working tirelessly since the explosion. So far there are no answers.

"It really went like clockwork," said Brown. "We couldn't have asked for it to go better, easier,
or safer."

Brown says every single employee will get their job back. Those who aren't able to work out of
a rented office in Thomas now, are still getting full wages and benefits.

Brown said, "We've always said we're kind of like a family. Right now we've laid no one off and
we have no plans to lay anyone off."

Brown hopes demolition will begin next week, but he notes two things that will be saved. An American flag and an Oklahoma State flag were flying the day of the explosion and made it through.

"Just a symbol of how the USA stands and how Danlin is going to stand the same way," said Brown.

"As long as everybody's safe and sound and you can rebuild and move forward. You have to. That's life," said Floyd.

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