Chesapeake sues American Energy Partners

Billions of dollars, a well known oil and gas tycoon, and now a lawsuit.

Chesapeake Energy alleges in a new lawsuit that American Energy Partners used trade secrets from Aubrey McClendon to drum up business. The lawsuit claims his assistant printed out maps and that McClendon blind carbon copied highly sensitive information to his private email account.

"Someone that held that much authority and that much power in their company was not able to walk out the front door of Chesapeake and walk into the front door of xyz company and then become an immediate competitor," Attorney Adam Banner said.

Chesapeake contends that McClendon then used information to start soliciting investors for his new company American Energy Partners -- named in the lawsuit as a defendant though McClendon isn't.

The timing may have just been coincidental but shortly after that AEP announced it's intention to secure drilling rights on a site in Ohio--jointly owned interest for both parties, but it's information that Chesapeake claims McClendon took from the corporation.

McClendon says that the separation agreement to share information was well documented and approved by Chesapeake.

"They are asking for a charitable trust to be set up that would allow for any money that has been deposited into any companies by investors on the behalf of Mr. McClendon go into this trust," Banner said.

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