Capitol restoration moving forward

Inside the attic of the state capitol, some surprises for architects about construction methods of the early 1900's.You can see hanging cables that once helped hold up walls.Outside, workers repel from the outside of the building, looking for other places that need work.Trait Thompson is the project manager."On the exterior of the project, the priorities are to shore up the facade, to make sure all of the water infiltration that is occurring now, we can cease that as much as possible to make sure we clean up the stone," Thompson said.Exterior renovations could begin as soon as the beginning of the year, and will be done much more quickly than interior renovations.The total project could take 4 to 5 years.And the oversight committee still has to answer the question about what happens to everyone inside the building. All of the plumbing and electrical will need to be pulled out in the basement, a major project in the heart of the building.Monday, the committee will announce the contractor that will begin renovation work, a major next step in the process of getting the state capitol, close to its original condition.
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