Bunny on wheels!

There's no hop left in this little bunny, but that's not stopping her from living life to the fullest! A disabled rabbit in Canada is gaining quite a following after her story appeared on Facebook. Dolly has had a number of health issues throughout her 7 years of life, including a birth defect that paralyzed both of her hind legs. She used to be able to walk, but unfortunately with age, the bouncy bunny lost that ability. Her owners want to make sure she can still be on her feet and live a happy life. That's why they made her a custom wheelchair out of a child's toy car. Dolly's owner, Brad Coffin, says Dolly lives like a normal bunny, just with wheels. Dolly seems to have adjusted quite well! To keep her clean and comfortable, she also wears baby diapers and takes a low dose of medicine to help with inflammation and pain. Owners Renee Thompson and Coffin posted the rabbit's story on Facebook. Their Facebook page says their goal is to "make people all over the world aware that disability in animals is not a death sentence- they can live happy lives." And Dolly definitely proves that!
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