Beheading suspect Alton Nolen charged with murder, assault

Alton Nolen

The D.A. charged a man with three felonies in the beheading a woman and assault of another in Moore. Suspect Alton Nolen faces one count of first degree murder, one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.

In a press conference on Tuesday, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said that the altercation earlier in the day with victim Traci Johnson had more to do with race than him trying to convert anyone."Altercation earlier in the day had to do with race, (Nolen) was saying he didn't like white people," said Mashburn during the press conference. Nolen had three different people on his mind that "had oppressed him."

According to Mashburn, they were of different races and genders. Mashburn says HR at Vaughan Foods says Johnson had filed complaints against Nolen. According to Mashburn, Nolen was suspended and went home. Shortly after, Mashburn says he returned with a knife in his shoe to "get revenge" on co-workers he thought wronged him, including Johnson.The affidavit states Nolen attacked Colleen Hufford from behind, and beheaded her with the knife. According to Mashburn, Nolen had an infatuation with beheadings, as is evident by his Facebook posts.

Then the affidavit goes on to state that he grabbed the second victim and cut her across the throat and left side her face.Mashburn says Nolen was using Arabic terms during the attack. He did chase some people away with the knife, which the D.A. said could result in further charges. Mashburn said men were trying to get him away from both female victims. Many people tried to stop the attack, but Mark Vaughan stopped it by shooting Nolen with a rifle. Nolen was shot through the arm and the abdomen. Mashburn says Nolen is still in the hospital, but is being very cooperative, alert and remembers what happened last Thursday.

The affidavit states Nolen openly admitted to "beheading" the first victim with a knife and attempting to "behead" the second victim. Mashburn says it's highly likely the D.A. will seek the death penalty, but will talk to the victim's family first. The FBI is investigating Nolen's background. There is not a terrorism charge in Oklahoma, so it would have to be pursued by federal authorities.

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