Apartment complex debuts program to crack down on dog feces

Roberto Narvaez has only lived The Retreat at Quail North for about nine weeks but it didn't take him long to spot a big problem when his three children ventured outside."The kids ran right to the grass and they couldn't even play. We weren't even here twenty minutes and there was just feces everywhere," Narvaez said. Narvaez took the problem to the management at the complex and they were only able offer a short term fix ."Then it kind of slowly went back down hill," Narvaez said. We reached out to the management at The Retreat at Quail North for a comment after tenants received a flier on their doors about a new tattletail program.Basically if you see a neighbor not picking up behind their dog you are encouraged to snap a photo with your smartphone and write down what they look like."Under the OKC municipal code it is a violation Oklahoma City law to fail to pick up any waste from any of your pets whether that be in a public place or a private place like an apartment complex," attorney Adam Banner said. If the management catches up with the tenant they are charged a $25.00 which you will then receive as a reward."Even it's not directly incorporated into the contract you should know the laws of the city you live in," Banner said.Narvaez who owns a service dog says given the fact that the city code calls for a more than a $170.00 fine this is a small price to pay for an agreement you sign off on when you first move in."It's even highlighted if you have a pet this is the pet fee--- these are you responsibilities as a pet owner," Narvaez said. But not all residents we spoke with were into tracking down violators of the law "It may be an incentive for some people but I wouldn't turn anyone in for money," said Joe Daniels.
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