Accused murderer waives right to jury trial

The man accused of killing his fiancé and two little girls in Weleetka will not be put to death by the state in connection to those crimes. Kevin Sweat is facing three murder charges and prosecutors had planned to seek the death penalty. On Thursday Sweat agreed to waive his right to a jury trial in exchange for the death penalty being removed as a possible punishment.

Prosecutors say Sweat murdered his fiancé, Ashley Taylor, and disposed of her body in a burn pile on property owned by his father. That was in 2011. Investigators found Taylor's remains in a burn pile. In previous court hearings agents with the OSBI testified an ax was found in Sweat's car with Taylor's DNA on it.

Fox 25 was the first Oklahoma media to report Sweat's connection to the Weleetka case. During the investigation into Taylor's murder the OSBI says it was able to link Sweat to the murders of Taylor Placker and Skyla Whitaker.

The two little girls were found shot to death on the side of a rural road outside Weleetka in 2008. During a preliminary hearing prosecutors played a video of the interview with Sweat in which he reluctantly admitted he "saw monsters" on the road in Weleetka and shot them.

Prosecutors say shell casings found at the scene of the Weleetka murders match ones connected to a gun once owned by Sweat.

Family members of Ashley Taylor believe it will make the trial process go faster. Sweat's trial is still set for August.

Sweat has said he is not guilty of the crimes.

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