Paycom donates $50,000 to Putnam City Schools Foundation
Putnam City Schools Foundation executive director, Alyx Picard (left) with Paycom’s director of human resources-business services, Tiffany Gamblin (right). (Courtesy: Putnam City Schools)

The Putnam City Schools Foundation received $50,000 from Paycom to help with their mentorship programming for their students. 

Paycom's donation is part of a two-year commitment to the school district. The funding supports the Communities and Schools Together (CAST) initiative, aimed at increasing mentoring opportunities and improving healthcare accessibility for Putnam City. 

“The Putnam City Schools Foundation is extremely grateful to Paycom for their generous gift to support community mentoring,” said Alyx Picard, executive director of Putnam City Schools Foundation. “With Paycom’s support, the foundation continues to provide programs and resources to more than 17,000 students and their families that enhance and enrich educational opportunities for students and families of the Putnam City School District, including the award-winning CAST initiative.”

CAST plans to put the funds toward establishing an after-hours program at Western Oaks Middle School and continue and expand programs at other Putnam City elementary, middle and high schools. 

“We’ve seen a specific need for more strong mentors,” said Fallan Wolff, principal at Will Rogers Elementary. “From encouraging our students the moment they arrive in the morning to offering inspiration and support via mentoring, this funding allows community members to pour into our kids the tools they need to succeed today and in the future.”

The programming includes providing free healthcare products, bringing telehealth in all schools, and ensuring all students have a coat, socks, shoes and underwear.

“Partnering with the public schools in our area is an important way Paycom supports our communities,” said Tiffany Gamblin, director of human resources business services at Paycom. “We know the power mentors can have on the children and young adults. We’re grateful to play a part in helping tomorrow’s leaders shine.”

To learn more about Putnam City Schools Foundation or to get involved with mentoring, click here. 

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