OU running back Joe Mixon to be charged with misdemeanor

Prosecutors in Cleveland County will charge a University of Oklahoma football player with a misdemeanor charge in the wake of his involvement in an incident in Norman last month.

The Norman Police Department said Friday that they have wrapped up their investigation into the involvement of Oklahoma freshman running back Joe Mixon. Norman Police spokesman Tom Easley told Fox 25 that the investigation is complete and is now in the hands of Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn.

Shortly after, Mashburn told Fox 25 he will file one count of act resulting in gross injury, a misdemeanor.Mashburn says not charging Mixon was out of the question after reviewing the surveillance video and interviewing witnesses. He says the altercation began when the victim pushed Mixon.

"He jumps back into her face, she slaps him across the face and then he immediately responds with a punch of his own knocking her to floor," said D.A. Greg Mashburn.

The incident took place on July 25th at Pickleman's Gourmet Cafe in Norman's Campus Corner District.The victim Mixon allegedly punched was not interviewed until Thursday by Norman Police.

"When you first start looking at this you say, okay assault and battery, she started the assault and battery, she's the initial aggressor, he responds with assault and battery of his own," said Mashburn.

Mashburn tells Fox 25 he expects Mixon will turn himself in to authorities Monday. Mixon's attorney, Kevin Finlay, said his office is disappointed that the Cleveland County District Attorney's office chose to charge Mixon with a misdemeanor at all.

"As we have maintained from the beginning, it is our belief that Joe reacted instinctively after being racially slurred and physically assaulted by a highly intoxicated young woman and her male friend." Finlay said. "We strongly disagree with the series of events as portrayed by the Norman PD."

Finlay says he is also disappointed that no charges have yet to be field against the young woman in the case.

"It is important to Joe and his family that he continues toward his goal of becoming a successful student-athlete both on and off the field at the University of Oklahoma." Finlay said.

OU Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics Programs and Athletics Director Joe Castiglione released this statement after the charges:

"The University of Oklahoma understands that charges have now been filed against Joe Mixon based upon an investigation by local law enforcement agencies. Under its policies, the University must independently evaluate student conduct matters and will review the facts as part of its internal process. At an appropriate time, the University will determine Mixon's status."

Police said they were called to investigate an assault there just after 2:30 a.m. on Friday, July 25. Norman police say Mixon was an "involved party" in the incident but stopped short of calling him a suspect. Police say Mixon and a 20-year-old female got into an altercation and it turned physical and ended with the woman having injuries to her face.When police arrived, Mixon was not at the scene. A police report filed by Norman officers said the woman was intoxicated and was bleeding from the mouth.On July 30, the University of Oklahoma announced he was not participating in team activities but did not call it a suspension.

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