Media Day observations

Because of technology we know more about our sports teams than ever before. But even with that fact media day is still the mark on the calander that signifies the countdown for the beginning of the college football season is winding down.

Oklahoma conducted their media day with the backdrop of last season's finish planted firmly in most people's minds. The Sugar Bowl win over Alabama served as a boost to the off season workouts that by all accounts went well. It also is a big reason that the Sooners are starting third in the coaches poll and a pick by many to play in the first ever College Football Playoff. In other words there have been plenty of folks that have been willing to give the Sooners, players and coaches, pats on the back.

Whether that is the reason or not it seemed that some of the Sooner faithful were intent on dialing back the good time feeling. Not that they don't feel they'll be good but I got a vibe that said lets make sure we put in the work to duplicate if not surpass last season's success. It should be remembered that Baylor won the Big 12 and OU head coach Bob Stoops has always said their first priority is to win the conference.

Defensive coordinator Mike Stoops said several times his biggest fear for his group was complacency. Is he disappointed in the first few practices or is he guarding against a letdown and his guys assuming they'll be good? Or is he just trying make sure his guys are well grounded and not listening too closely to those who still revel in the Alabama win. One thing to remember is that OU is still a young team and many of their players have not had to go through the process of handling success. A guy like receiver Sterling Shepard has been a good player since he arrived on campus but many of his teammates are still new to playing really well and realizing that success one season doesn't automatically translate to the success the next season.

The next few weeks leading up the opener will start to answer the question how the Sooners have handled success.

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