Health a Key to Trevor Knight's season

Being the starting quarterback at the University of Oklahoma comes with big expectations. Trevor Knight knows that fans are expecting him to lead the Sooners to conference and national honors this season. His performance in the Sugar Bowl win over Alabama and overall strong finish to last season is one reason the Sooners will start this season in the top five.He has the ability to make plays with his arm and with his feet. Though recent star quarterback's in the Bob Stoops era have been known more for passing than running the mobile quarterback still excites the fan base.OU plans to take advantage of Knight's ability to run but that could put him in harms way which has risks considering backup quarterback's Cody Thomas and Justin Hansen are freshmen who have never taken a snap in a college game.

"The quarterback run game that he(Trevor Knight) is involved in for the most part is perimeter style runs," said OU co-offensive coordinator Josh Heupel.. "There's some quarterback draws in there but those aren't major hits. Not like your power schemes where you're running up the middle like the belldozer package for instance. When he's out on the perimeter he needs to understand how to protect his body. Adding two or three yards to a run that's already picked up a first down and taking a hit isn't worth him just getting down and avoid taking a hit."

Learning that lesson will be important for Knight, who had trouble staying healthy at times last season.

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