Bob Stoops goes through Carwash

Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops spent the day at ESPN going on the networks various TV and radio shows. It's known as the carwash. It's a chance for a coach to gain national exposure for his program.Among the topics Stoops addressed were Nick Saban's stance that he couldn't get his Alabama football team up for the Sugar Bowl because it wasn't a national title game. Oklahoma won the game and Stoops didn't mind reminding Saban. "We've played in a fair amount of national championship games so we're not always pleased when we're not in it too so it could have been a consolation game for us too," said Stoops..When Stoops was asked what it says about the Big 12 when OU beat Alabama Stoops didn't mince words."Well, Alabama's been their lead dog, again the game you can't deny. At the end of the day obviously we can play with anybody. And we proved that and showed it."
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