Bob Stoops expects big things from Trevor Knight

There are a lot of reason's for the positive vibes around the Oklahoma football team. Thumping Alabama in the Sugar Bowl tops the list and within that is quarterback Trevor Knight.Knight was inconsistent for much of last season but he finished strong which includes the Sugar Bowl win. In that game he passed for 348 yards and four touchdown's and showed the poise and athleticism to extend plays and make something out of nothing. It's that type of play that has Sooner fans excited and fair or not they'll likely expect that type of play every game.

"It's doesn't matter if they should or not they will," said head coach Bob Stoops. "He played at a pretty incredible level. I do expect and you should see a more consistent player along that caliber. He has that kind of talent obviously he showed it. Naturally as you gain experience generally you gain more consistency. With all these snaps behind him from a year ago,the experience in the bowl game all the practice time spring through summer we expect him to be a more consistent player along those lines."

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