OSU Cowboys continue work for FSU

The Oklahoma State Cowboys continue to work toward there season opener against Florida State. When you open up the season against the defending national champs you'd like to have a group of seasoned experienced players to rely on but that won't be the case for the Cowboys. They'll have eleven new starters and plenty of freshmen will see the field which means some things you won't know until the action is for real.

"Their team chemistry will be identified in about six weeks," said OSU head Coach Mike Gundy when asked about his team.. "It just takes some time. People say it needs to be now well it can't be now. We haven't played a game yet."

Gundy says a team develops that chemistry by facing adversity and dealing with growing pains that result from having good plays and bad one's. That does not mean he's disappointed with the development of his squad. "I do like where our football team is I like their attitude and I think they're a very focused group."
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