Oklahoma State's "Wolfpack" ready for one last game

How it began and who started it is hotly debated among three Oklahoma State seniors. One thing is certain: these three seniors are more than teammates.

As Justin Gilbert, Deion Imade, and Shaun Lewis say goodbye to Stillwater, they're doing it together as a group they call "The Wolfpack".

Inspired by the movie "The Hangover", the three banded together to finish on a strong note. Gilbert fell short of expectations in his junior and decided to return for his senior campaign. That turned out to be a good decision because his defense needed him.

He lead the Big 12 with six interceptions, two returned for a touchdown and elevating his NFL draft stock in the process. Imade recounts a joke that was likely funny to Gilbert.

"After the bowl game, he played a cruel joke on me," Imade said. "He said I saw my draft status, I'm leaving. He waits two days to tell me he was just kidding!"

OSU's defense has lead the team to where it is today and playing hard for each other is what made this year different.

Football created the bond but these three created a brotherhood, one that stretches beyond the gridiron.