Is Mike Gundy excited about Florida State?

When it was announced that Oklahoma State would play Florida State to open the 2014 college football season most Cowboy fans were excited. Players were excited and the media was excited. Many viewed it as a chance for the Cowboys to expose their brand to more recruits. But one guy who was not thrilled with the game being set up was OSU head coach Mike Gundy. Since the game is in Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington it does mean that OSU plays one less home game. A game that would likely be against an inferior opponent and not the defending national champions. With the game getting closer Gundy was asked if he's embracing the contest."Once we signed in to play in it in fell into that category. This is a great opportunity for the coaching staff and the players period. I have some if's based on long term what my plan would be but that's irrevelent at this point and the players understood that and that conversation took place in February. This is where we are and this is the game that we have and we've had plans throughout the summer to compete and find a way to win the first game, said Gundy."
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