Former OSU players respond via Twitter to Sports Illustrated article

Rodrick Johnson reportedly wrote this message in his defense. He was one source in Tuesday's article.

After Tuesday's report of alleged misconduct by the Oklahoma State football team, several former players spoke their minds on twitter about the revelations.

Tatum Bell

"Everyone that played with me knows I had a tutor and always took care of my biz. Far as money. Man I drove a Ford Focus. Haha"

"Man this article is all the way false. Haha. Said Seymore sawe take money haha. From who? From we're ? He was scrub who not doing nothing"

"Folks gonna believe whatever they want. I'm not trying to convince nobody. But I do know while I was in school no one took no extras"

Isaiah Anderson

"In all that's going on I don't think it's right to bring up ppl that can't defend the program like Darrent Williams and Vernon grant."

Ben Buie

"Other false things, the only person passing out per diem was Mack butler, also a tight ass, and you don't get per diem for home games"

"00-04 I never saw anything like this, and the characters that they chose to interview are shady at best. Miles was such a tight ass, no way"

"$500 handshakes on the walk? Get the hell out of here"

"Let it be known, girtman had pornos, playing on a loop in his suburban at all times. This is no lie, ask anyone who knew him in college"

Darrent Williams would be super pissed his name is attached to this

Anton Jamie Blatnick

"That article should have started off with 'once upon a time'"

"I worked for John Talley for 4 years and he is the most honest man I've been blessed to work with, true blue collar hard working Christian"

Jeremiah Burton

"Wow Mick and Rod were right next to me sweeping trash and sweating in the heat on the north side of the stadium"

Josh Fields told ESPN "I'm in disbelief. Never had anyone attempt to give me money or saw teammates accept money"

Russell Okung:

"Sad that players making wrong decisions such as multiple drug use and detrimental conduct have been deemed credible sources. @Sinow @espn"

"Please tell me @thayerevanssi @georgedohrmann how many of those guys had a degree from OK State or were kicked off the team? @Sinow @espn"