ESPN says several claims by SI are inconsistent with OSU records

As Sports Illustrated continues to unveil its investigation into what it says is misconduct by Oklahoma State University, ESPN says their claims may not be accurate.

Fath' Carter was quoted extensively by Sports Illustrated regarding misconduct in the school. Carter was quoted saying players were paid by coaches and boosters and had an academic coordinator complete school work for them.

According to ESPN, university documents did not support claims that he graduated from the school and attended classes in 2004 with running back Tatum Bell where the professor gave them failing grades because their eligibility had expired.

In Tuesday's SI report, Carter said he graduated from OSU with a degree in education. George Dorhmann, one of two SI reporters who wrote the stories, also said Tuesday on CBS Sports Radio's "The Doug Gottlieb Show" that Carter "has two degrees from Oklahoma State, spoke on the record, recorded. I have no reason to believe he lied. And he's certainly not disgruntled."

Carter didn't have two degrees. Carter attended OSU from 2000-05 but did not graduate, according to the university's registrar office.

Former OSU running back Dexter Pratt was quoted as well as saying he took only online courses in 2009. But ESPN says OSU records indicate he took three online courses and two actual classes.

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