Bell ringing on campus will honor ten victims of OSU plane crash

13 years after a plane crashed in Colorado and killed ten men affiliated with Oklahoma State, the victims were honored on campus Monday.

The OSU Library Carillon were tolled ten times at 6:37 p.m., the exact time of the crash that took the men's lives.

Students also took time to pay respect to the men.

"It's just really important to always just have them in your thoughts and your prayers," grad student Blake Zimmerman said.

Zimmerman is a graduate assistant with OSU media relations. He passes by the memorial inside Gallagher-Iba arena nearly everyday. But he made sure to sign a guest book at the memorial Monday and paused to really remember the day.

"You walk past it so much, and you never want to numb yourself to it," he said.

For some of the youngest students on-campus, the crash happened when they were just starting grade school.

"I was pretty young. Not old enough to be able to appreciate it as I do now," Corey Farver, a sophomore, said.

Farver said he did not really know about the Ten or the traditions of January 27th, before her became a student, but said it's something most students at the university quickly learn about.

"I know years from now, we're going to be showing as much support as we do this year, the year before," he said. "It just says a lot about Oklahoma State."

The plane crashed about 40 miles east of Denver on Jan. 27, 2001 as the team was returning from a game against Colorado.

Monday's memorial was the latest in a string of days that have honored the victims. On Saturday, OSU opened the Memorial Lobby at Gallagher-Iba arena 90 minutes before tip-off. It's typically open on weekdays 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM and is the most visited area of Gallgher-Iba, according to Oklahoma State Athletics.

Prior to tip-off for the game against West Virginia, Oklahoma State held a moment of silence. At halftime, organizers of the annual "Remember The 10 Run" planned to donate race proceeds to OSU Counseling Services.

Denver Mills, Nate Fleming, Dan Lawson, Jared Weiberg, Pat Noyes, Bill Teegins, Will Hancock, Brian Luinstra, Kendall Durfey and Bjorn Fahlstrom died in the crash. Eight of the ten families were represented at Gallagher-Iba Arena on Saturday.