State of the Thunder

With the NBA Finals beginning Thursday night and the Oklahoma City Thunder not among the two teams participating its safe to say that the Thunder did not reach its goal for the season. Thunder General Manager Sam Presti would acknowledge that but he also likes the direction and the future of the franchise that put together 59 wins this season.At his end of the season press conference, Presti says the team is in good shape salary cap wise which is important considering decisions that must be made this summer and in the years to come. Presti says they will try to sign Reggie Jackson to a contract extension before next season begins and thus keep him off the free agent market in the summer of 2015. Presti also addressed the status of center Kendrick Perkins, who is a source of constant debate among some media and fans on his worth to the team. His 9 million dollar salary has some saying the team should use the amnesty clause on Perkins. That would allow the team to cut Perkins, who would still get his money, and the team would get salary cap relief. But for those hoping that happens it seems unlikely."It's not something that has been considered," says Presti. "We understand there are things that he's exceptional at. I think he's been wonderful for Steven Adams. He had a lot to do with Steven's growth in the postseason. Specifically how he studies and plays position defense. It would take something that really helps us strategically to look at that."Presti also attempted to put to rest any thought that Scott Brooks would not return next season as head coach. "Scotty I think did an excellent job. I understand we all have a tendency to look at the last game, the last series I understand that. That's part of sports. I can't do that. I'm looking at a body of work. Scott like everyone in this organization is going to take a look at how he can move the needle and grow incrementally."Next up for the Thunder is the June 26th NBA Draft. They have two first round picks. Presti says they'll look at all options including trading both picks. July brings the beginning of the free agency period along with summer league play. The Thunder will again take part in the Orlando Summer League which is the first week in July.