Reddit fans speak: Washington fans still hate the Thunder

Reddit users voted and say the Heat are the most hated team by states. The Thunder are hated by one state in this poll: Washington.

Washington sports fans haven't hidden their dislike for the Oklahoma City Thunder since the NBA team relocated here. Now, in an unscientific poll of Reddit users, they're the one state in the country that dislikes the Thunder.A poster on Reddit polled fans of which NBA team they hated the most. The Miami Heat garnered the most, with 24 states including Oklahoma. Second most was the Los Angeles Lakers with 21 states, followed by their cross-arena rivals the Clippers who got two states. Three other teams pulled in one state each: Wisconsin hates the Bulls, Delaware hates the Cavs, and Washington hates Oklahoma City Thunder.The unscientific poll racked in more than 42,000 votes.Perhaps surprisingly, the Thunder were also voted the most hated team in Africa.Get more info from Reddit here.
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