Oklahoma City getting another pro basketball team

Oklahoma City is getting a new pro basketball team. The Oklahoma City Thunder are moving their D-League team, the 66ers from Tulsa to Oklahoma City. The last two season's the 66ers played their games in Bixby but that building is no longer available. The Thunder say they couldn't find suitable replacement so they're moving the operations to Oklahoma City.The Thunder often send young players back and forth between Oklahoma City and Tulsa to allow them to get real game action instead of riding the Thunder bench. With the 66ers moving to Oklahoma City that will make the partnership easier to manage.

" It certainly helps," said Thunder Vice President of Communication Dan Mahoney. "It was a tremendous benefit to have the team as close as Tulsa. Some D-League teams are a plane ride away from their parent NBA club. To have the team in Tulsa was beneficial. It'll be even more beneficial to have it here but again it was not something we were planning or wanted to do. We were happy in Bixby, happy in the Tulsa area but the business decision came up where we had no other choice."

The team will play their 24 game home schedule at the Cox Convention Center.

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