Okilahoma City Thunder looking to improve

The Oklahoma City Thunder have had an uneven start to their season.{} Though they're 2-1 that one loss was in blowout fashion to Minnesota.{}

The return of All Star point guard Russell Westbrook should help matters because it puts other players in their proper roll.{} For instance, Reggie Jackson goes back to the{}bench where he'll lead{}the second unit, according to forward Nick Collison.

"Reggie will give us a guy that can break people down with that second group and create some shots for everybody else."

Collison added that the problems for the Thunder have not been just with the offense.

"Our pick and roll coverage hasn't been too good.{} We're giving up too many points in transition.{} Things we can correct."

The Thunder's next chance to correct those issues is Wednesday night when Dallas comes to Oklahoma City for an 8:30 tipoff.