Just Thinking: Kevin Durant speaks to PG13 about OKC

Paul George talks about playing in front of the OKC Thunder fans, on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 (KOKH)

So Kevin Durant did his part to sell Paul George on Oklahoma City. I know you've heard the story. Durant talked to PG 13 and told him about the positives of OKC.

He said things like "That place will blow you away and they can offer what other teams can't."

Besides many bringing up the obvious question of, if it's so great why did you leave? Durant's motives have been questioned by some. For the record Durant left because it was an easier path to win a ring. Certainly within his rights. But many questioned the move considering the playoff history just completed by the Thunder and Warriors. Again valid.

As for his motives with George? Maybe he was just telling the truth as he saw it. Could he see a chance to rid himself of some of the heat he took for how he left Oklahoma City and where he chose to sign? Maybe. But it's also possible many critics aren't ready to move on. You like being mad at KD because no matter the reasoning for his decision the bottom line is, it hurt Oklahoma City.

Most understand that, but don't keep drinking the "haterade" too long. It might keep you from enjoying another flavorful concoction like Russell Westbrook and Paul George.

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