Police: Stillwater bondsman arrested for murder after shooting, killing client at office

Stillwater police arrest a bondsman after she reportedly shot and killed a client at her office on August 9. (Stillwater Police Department)

Stillwater police have arrested a bondsman after she reportedly shot and killed a client on Wednesday.

Police say 41-year-old Chasity Dawn Carey of Drumright was taken into custody at her home Wednesday night for the murder of Brandon James Williams.

Investigators were called to Signature Bail Bonds in Stillwater shortly before noon after Carey called 911, stating she had shot the 38-year-old Williams.

Williams, who had been arrested in late July on burglary charges and marijuana possession, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Carey told arriving officers she had called Williams to her office with the intent of revoking his bond and returning him to the Payne County Sheriff's Office. Carey then told investigators a fight broke out during their meeting. She then said she shot Williams in self-defense during the struggle.

Police say video evidence and witness statements contradicted Carey's story, and investigators deemed the shooting was not a justifiable act of self-defense.

Authorities have also released a 911 call placed by Carey following the shooting.

Carey: I just shot a man on top of the roof of the Town Center. I'm on the third floor.

911 Dispatch: What is your address?

Carey: 116 W. 7th.

911 Dispatch: Okay, did you say you caught a man, or shot a man?

Carey: I shot.

911 Dispatch: Is he still on top of the building?

Carey: Yes, ma'am, as far as I can see.

911 Dispatch: Okay, what is your name?

Carey: My name is Chasity.

911 Dispatch: Okay Chasity, do no hang up, okay, let me get an officer started that way.

Carey: I need you to hurry.

Carey can later be heard telling dispatch that she was a bondsman and that Williams was "coming after" her.

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