Police: Multiple shots fired into home while children slept inside

Police are investigating after multiple shots were fire into a home April 14 in Oklahoma City. (KOKH/Emily Collins)

Police say at least 16 shots were fired into an Oklahoma City home overnight while children slept inside.

"One of the small children, who was sleeping inside of the house, had a bullet pass over their bed approximately 1' above where they were sleeping," said MSgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department. "So this very easily could've turned into a very tragic situation."

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show officers were called at approximately 12:30 a.m. April 14 after shots were fired into a home in the 1600 block of E. Park Place.

A woman inside the home told officers she was sitting in her bedroom when she thought she heard fireworks going off outside. After determining they were gunshots the woman called police and checked on her two children. One other woman was also staying at the home at the time of the incident.

"Somebody from the outside began firing shots," Knight said. "The house was hit 16-to-17 times; large number of rounds hitting the house."

Police found approximately 16 bullet holes in the front of the home. Both of the children's bedrooms are on the front side of the home where the bullet holes were found.

Officers are still investigating the shooting. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

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