Police: Man arrested once again on vacant property

Moustafa Ndiaye, 27, was arrested April 10 in Oklahoma City on complaints of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and breaking and entering. (Oklahoma County Jail)

Police say a man has been arrested again for breaking into a vacant home.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports Moustafa Ndiaye, 27, was arrested April 10 on complaints of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and breaking and entering.

Police reports show an officer was called to a home in the 3800 block of N. Kentucky Avenue after a witness allegedly observed someone break in a home. When officers arrived at the home they looked through a window of the boarded up home and allegedly observed Ndiaye in the kitchen of the home.

The officer took Ndiaye in custody and searched him, allegedly finding a crystal substance in a bag in his pocket. The officer noted he had arrested Ndiaye from the home in the past and that other officers had also arrested him from the vacant home.

Police said this isn't the only offense he's committed.

"Arrested on the 23rd, stolen property, the 31st, for trespassing, the 1st for stolen property, the 9th for trespassing and the 10th for breaking and entering; possession of drugs," said Oklahoma City office, Travis Vernier.

On March 22, Ndiaye was arrested from the home after a neighbor observed him wearing clothes allegedly stolen from her in a burglary and then entering the vacant home.

"When he was exiting the house, he was wearing some of my belongings and so we called the police and tried to keep an eye on where he ran," said concern neighbor, Abigail Kuhlman.

FOX25 wanted to know if police could step in to prevent the suspect from going back to the vacant house.

"I don't know if there's anything police-wise we can do to keep him from returning," Vernier said. "It's an issue that would have to be addressed in the criminal justice system."

Kuhlman hopes that will change soon before he bonds out of jail again.

"This guy has multiple offenses. How many offenses does it take to keep somebody in jail and why aren't we changing that law?" Kuhlman said.

In June 2015, Ndiaye was arrested for allegedly stealing items from a metro mosque and then attempting to sell them on the mosque's property.

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