Ohio: Columbus Zoo announces name of baby polar bears

Ohio: Baby polar bear unveiled at Columbus Zoo (WCHM/CNN)

The first of three polar bears born at the Columbus Zoo over the winter made its public debut Wednesday, April 21, 2017.

Anana and her cub, a girl, came out of their den, walked around and splashed in the water. Aurora's cubs were twins, a boy and a girl, and made their public debut later.

According to zoo officials, the polar bear mothers cared for their cubs in their dens to ensure healthy development.

In May the Columbus Zoo announced the names, chosen through voting, of the three cubs:

Anana's cub will be called Amelia Gray and Aurora's twins' names are Nuniq and Neva.

Voters from almost 70 countries participated in naming.

WSYX-TV and WTTE-TV contributed to this article.

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