Oklahoma's Most Wanted: Maria Lerma turns herself in

Maria Lerma, 29, is wanted on warrants in connection to conspiracy to commit a felony and burglary in the second degree. (Oklahoma County Jail)

One of Oklahoma's Most Wanted criminals was reportedly turned herself into authorities.

Officials with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office say 29-year-old Maria Lerma is now in custody.

Lerma was wanted by authorities for her role in a scheme that tried to get contraband into the Oklahoma County jail. Lerma was allegedly part of a group, consisting of three inmates and another individual, that got at least two cell phones into the jail.

A review of jail phone calls on Jan. 9 allegedly shows a call made by 24-year-old Daniel Garcia. Officials say during the call Garcia speaks withLerma. During the call Lerma can be allegedly heard driving and then telling someone in the car to "go, go go" before telling Garcia to "pull up". Surveillance video of the jail public parking lot was then reviewed, showing a vehicle pull up at the time of the call. While the car is in the parking lot a white string of bed sheets can be seen coming from a jail cell to the ground. The line then blows in front of the jail front entrance and the car leaves the parking lot. No one can be seen exiting the vehicle while it is parked.

Staff then searched Garcia's cell again. A hole to the exterior of the jail was not found, but staff did allegedly find a hole large enough for a person to squeeze through between his cell and Turner's former cell. The hole was located under a bunk bed in the cell. During the search, staff also allegedly found a long line of bed sheets tied together and large pieces of metal believed to have been used to chip away the walls.

Lerma faces two complaints of conspiracy to commit a felony and one complaint of using a communication facility to facilitate the commission of a felony.

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