Oklahoma's Most Wanted: Kiaira Johnson

Kiaira Lashae Johnson, 24, was wanted in Oklahoma County on a warrant for burglary in the second degree. (Oklahoma County Jail)

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Kiaira Lashae Johnson, 24, wass wanted in Oklahoma County on a warrant for burglary in the second degree. Johnson turned herself into authorities early Sept. 6.

Oklahoma City Police Department records show that in October 2014 a man and woman burglarized an apartment in the 6400 block of Northwest Expressway. Police learned that an unknown man and woman were seen hanging outside the apartment for several hours. The resident left for work and received a call several minutes later saying her apartment had been broken into.

The woman came back and found a man outside the apartment. The man volunteered to go in the residence ahead of the woman so she wouldn't "catch a bullet". The victim thought the man was acting as a Good Samaritan and followed him in the home. As she entered she saw a woman inside. The man and woman exited the home through a back window and fled the area in a vehicle.

Police were able to pull fingerprints from a computer monitor in the home that had been moved. In October 2016, the fingerprints came back belonging to Johnson. She was charged in connection to the crime in June 2017.

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