Former juror in Glossip case tells Fox 25 their verdict would change now; calls for stay of execution

A former juror who joined 11 others in convicting and condemning Richard Glossip to death says recent revelations demand a stay of execution, or more. This news comes following a Fox 25 Investigation that reached out to the jurors who took part in the case. Fox 25 is withholding the identity of the juror at that juror's request.

Read the full statement by the juror by clicking here.

Fox 25 spent weeks researching the original legal filings to investigate claims by Glossip's new defense team that jurors were not presented key facts of the case. We reached out to past jurors to see if they were willing to speak about the case or had kept up with recent developments. Some jurors declined our requests, some jurors have died since the trial and still others spoke with Fox 25 on the condition we not reveal their names.

One juror in the first Glossip trial originally declined to speak with us, but then reached out on their own to ask about the recent claims made by defense attorneys. That juror also watched the news conference with Sister Helen Prejean as Glossip's supporters presented signatures asking for the governor to issue a 60 day stay of execution.

The juror wrote they took their job as a juror seriously and carefully considered the evidence they were presented before determining a judgment and sentence. The juror emphasizes the jury was not presented much of the information that is now available about the case. "I have been on several websites that are saying "how can the jurors be so stupid?" the juror writes to Fox 25, "I can assure you that I am not stupid and would convict again based on the information I was given at the trial."

The juror's statement continues "Richard Glossip was involved in at the VERY least the cover up of the murder of Barry Van Treese. Why he chose to do that for the life of me I will never understand," the juror's statement said. "Was he the 'mastermind' of the whole thingthat is the million dollar question isn't it?"

As the statement concludes the juror writes, "If the defense would have presented the case that they are presenting now in the original trial, (and dare I say in even the jurors in the second), I would have not given a guilty verdict. I think that now there is enough questions/evidence out there that there may by another story that what we as jurors were given. Why did that happen? I don't know and frankly it pisses me off!!!!!! I feel that this situation needs to be looked at and at the VERY least given a 60 days stay to make for certain that all the stones are unturned and everything is looked at with a fine tooth comb."

In conversations with Fox 25 the juror has expressed distress over the entire case. Other jurors have told Fox 25 they will never serve on another jury after having endured this death penalty trial. In this case, the juror writes they wanted their opinion expressed and to "humbly ask that it is taken into consideration regarding the execution."

The governor's office has, on multiple occasions, argued that she is upholding the wishes of 24 jurors and the verdict of two trials. However a spokesman for Governor Fallin now tells Fox 25 they will not be taking this juror's opinions into consideration.

"This juror served in Glossip's first trial, which was thrown out by a court. The fact that Glossip had one conviction overturned and was given a second trial illustrates that our justice system does respond to mistakes and has treated Glossip fairly," spokesman Alex Weintz wrote in an email. "Governor Fallin believes in our justice system and is committed to upholding the law."