Nearly 300 damage claims filed after record earthquake

TULSA, Okla. (AP) -- Nearly 300 damage claims have been submitted since Oklahoma's largest earthquake in September, but only four of those claims have been paid.

An analysis of Oklahoma Insurance Department data by the Tulsa World shows that the approved claims totaled $24,000 -- with the largest single payout at around $21,000.

The magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattled near Pawnee on Sept. 3.

The department doesn't have data available on the magnitude 5.0 temblor that struck on Nov. 6 near Cushing, damaging dozens of buildings.

Claims from the Pawnee earthquake are about equal to the nearly 340 filed after a magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck near the town of Prague, Oklahoma, in 2011.

Insurance data show about one-third of claims made after the Prague quake were approved.

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