Police identify woman struck by vehicle in Oklahoma City

Police have released a photo of an unidentified woman's tattoo. The woman was struck by a vehicle while riding her bicycle Sept. 2 in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Police identified a woman in a coma after being hit by a truck in Oklahoma City as 18-year-old Kristin E. Weeks.

Investigators also report that Weeks' family is at the hospital with her.

Earlier this week FOX 25 reported that police were attempting to identify the woman who was hit Sept. 2 while riding a BMX bicycle westbound on Northwest Expressway at Mustang Road.

Police are calling this an accident. The driver of the vehicle stopped and was arrested for driving with a suspended license. The woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition and remains in a coma.

"She's suffered life threatening injuries. It's not clear at this point whether she's going to survive or not, but we do know we have not been able to identify her," said Msgt. Gary Knight.

Police said, they tried different ways to identify the woman.

"The regular ways we go about it, whether it's finger printing and things along those lines have not been successful," Knight said. "So we still do not know who this woman is."

Police report that the woman's condition has worsened

Police said to keep some form of identification on you. Wheeler Dealer Bicycle Shop sell items, such as EPIC-id, which is a band that makes it easier for first responders to identify you.

"It's a computer. The ambulance or the police; they can plug it into their units and get all that information that you put on there, both ID and medical," said Wheeler Dealer manager, Adrian Statser.

He also recommends putting a label with your information inside your helmet. You can also place your ID in a bag or in your back pocket.

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