Web extra: more pics released from man and three friends who rode out tornado in pickup

On May 31, as a tornado was bearing down on El Reno, one man and three of his friends were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic in a pickup truck as the tornado approached. Their story of survival is nothing short of a miracle.

Chip Legget and three people in his 2011 Ford F-150 were trying to get out of town as the massive EF5 tornado approached. Unfortunately, he wasn't the only driver with that in mind and wound up caught in a traffic jam with nowhere to go.

The term "pickup" took on a whole new meaning as the twister picked up the truck about 20 feet into the air and tossed it about a 100 yards away. The truck rolled roughly four times before finally coming to a stop in a field. All four people inside lived and now have a tale to tell.

For Chip, he said his truck was his lifesaver.

"My F-150 saved my life when I got hit by the EF-5 tornado," said Legett in a post on Ford's social media. "Thank you to the engineers who developed the safety features of my F-150 that allowed us to walk away from this I'll be buying another one soon."

While news of Chip's survival is by now a few weeks old, Chip recently shared more pictures of his incredible ordeal.

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