Warning signs of sexual harassment after stalking arrest

Police arrested Christian Escamilla after he allegedly waited outside a woman's house he had done work for in the past. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

Oklahoma City Police said Christian Escamilla was hired to trim trees on a woman's property. After that, the woman told police he wouldn't leave her alone.

On Tuesday morning, Oklahoma City police said he forced her into a car that was waiting outside her house. Once officers arrived, they arrested Escamilla for stalking.

"This wasn't the first time he had bothered her," Msgt. Gary Knight said. "He had been texting her or showing up at her residence randomly numerous times. At least ten times."

According to a police report, Escamilla had been texting the victim telling him he "loved her" and showed up at her house before. MacKenzie Masilon with the Oklahoma Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault said you do have options if this happens to you.

"If it is an accident, if it was not a malicious thing, if it totally was an accidental brush in the hallway, then it shouldn't be that big of a deal if it's addressed," Masilon said.

Masilon said it's important to have a discussion if you feel uncomfortable about an interaction and get help if you need it. She said to know what works in your favor.

"What I always tell people is know your rights," Masilon said. "The law is actually on your side so in Oklahoma we have an anti-discrimination act that employers are to cover all employees from sexual harassment. There's also federal statutes in place."

Police also said to contact them if you suspect anyone of unwanted contact.

"We want to know when this is happening so we can intercede because sometimes these things can turn violent," Knight said.

Which is exactly what Masilon tries to prevent.

"Knowing that if someone does something that makes you uncomfortable, it's absolutely your right to tell your employer," Masilon said.

Masilon said it's important to know what protections you have from your Human Resources department at your place of employment in these kinds of situations.

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