Video showing brutal beating of Tulsa woman goes viral

A Tulsa woman was brutally assaulted and it was all captured on video and posted on Facebook. (Howard/KTUL)

A brutal video out of Tulsa has gone viral on Facebook, and people can't stop watching it.

"It went [on] Facebook, shot up from there," said Latrena Conway.

The video shows a Tulsa woman being brutally beaten at the Westminster Apartments near 48th and Memorial. It got so much attention, the Tulsa Police Department took to Facebook to address "a substantial number" of questions about the video.

"People are furious about it," said one man we spoke with.

Conway, who has lived at the Westminster Apartments for five years, was able to point out the woman's blood on the concrete.

"Everyone knows about it," Conway said. "It went viral. They know it happened here."

Police don't know who the victim or her attacker is. They also don't know who filmed the entire scene without intervening.

"It's pretty disturbing," said Jennifer Rush of Crime Stoppers. They are encouraging anyone with information about the video to talk to police.

"Talking to a detective about something that you see online that's disturbing, especially if you know it's local, is going to be really helpful in reporting that crime," Rush said.

Tulsa police say the investigation is ongoing.

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