State looks to sell former home of Oklahoma National Guard

The old armory on 23rd St. is up for sale by the state after it hasn't been used by the Oklahoma National Guard. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

One look around the armory on 23rd St., not far from the state capitol, and you can see how much history there is.

Now, this armory that was built in the 1930s and has seen decades of Oklahoma National Guard members come through, is up for sale.

"We don't have any preconceived idea of who would be the perfect bidder," Shelley Zumwalt with the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services said. "We're just really excited to see some ideas that come from people who would like to be the owners of the property."

Zumwalt led a tour of the building on Thursday.

In 2014, FOX25 told you that the armory was one of the state-owned places that wasn't being used.

Now, the legislature has issued an initiative to sell underutilized buildings.

"The underutilized legislative directive told OEMS, 'Hey, all of these things are in your portfolio. We need to start selling them,'" Zumwalt said.

Col. Ret. David Brown used to work in the armory as a company commander and he remembers its unique design.

"It's just an unusual view because normally your view of your unit is at the ground level because most armories are single story," he said. "But I've never been in an armory that had three complete floors."

He said he hopes someone can continue on the legacy of the building.

"Perhaps preserve a little bit of the heritage of where it's located at and perhaps the memory of the soldiers who walked in that armory to carry out their missions and everything," Brown said.

There could still be work that is needed to upgrade the building for anyone who buys it.

The bidding will continue until March 2018.

To submit a bid, you can contact Carie Carman from Real Estate and Leasing Services at 405-521-6158 or

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