Victoria, Texas: Some flee, some stay to ride out the storm

Residents in Victoria, Texas, evacuating ahead of Harvey. (Lavaca County Sheriff's Office/CNN)

Conditions in Victoria, Texas continue to deteriorate as Hurricane Harvey bears down on the coast.

Texans who have stayed at home are now out of time to evacuate.

The weather conditions are getting too bad.

Two public shelters in Victoria are full and doors were locked to keep the people inside as the brunt of the storm makes its way through the city.

Victoria could see some of the most rain and wind from Hurricane Harvey.

People in this community know it's coming but are trying to keep calm and safe.

"I don't want to think about tomorrow yet." said one resident, "Let's live one moment at a time right now. But tomorrow, I know this community well enough that if there is deviation we'll come together and make a difference."

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