Shawnee cemetery hit by vandals twice in past month

Vandals have hit a Shawnee cemetery twice in the past month. (KOKH/Jennifer Falsetti)

A Shawnee cemetery has been hit by vandals twice in just the last month.

The city tells FOX 25 they are having trouble keeping up when it comes to maintaining the Fairview Cemetery and vandalism isn't helping.

The Fairview Cemetery in Shawnee is 80 acres and home to 25,000 headstones. There are just two full time employees to care for it.

"We struggle every year to keep up with the mowing and the weeding," said James Bryce, director of operations.

Fairview Cemetery is owned by the City of Shawnee and funding for it is limited. Adding insult to injury, those who struggle to care for it everyday now have even more on their plate. Workers are left with the daunting task of fixing 80 overturned headstones.

"Both events added together is about 80 headstones. That really gets to be a costly thing for the city if we can't set them up ourselves we have to hire somebody to come in," Bryce said.

The city says police have added extra patrols and they're looking into security cameras. Anyone with information is asked to call Shawnee police.

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