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      FOX 25 Waste Watch: Senator Calls for Defense Spending Cuts

      Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn wants to cut defense spending in his new report, and says Republicans are turning a blind eye to military spending."There's a little problem in terms of the Republican Conference in terms of having a blind eye on spending. It's OK to cut spending anywhere except the Defense Department and to be legitimate and have any integrity on the issue you have to look and everything has to be on the table" says Coburn.Coburn says the pentagon has a six billion dollar budget, and believes around five to eight percent can be cut.Coburn's report outlines how the department of defense can save almost sixty-eight billion dollars by making cuts without cutting vital defense priorities.The report also shows defense dollars are being spent on programs and missions that Coburn believe have little, or nothing to do with national security.Some of those programs include studying slang on Twitter, Pentagon-branded beef jerky, and smartphone apps to remind a person when it's time to take a coffee break.Coburn says instead, the money could be used for supplies and weapons for the United States military.Coburn says the United States can't have a strong military, without a strong economy.