Search continues for 3 escaped Lincoln County inmates

Brian Moody, Sonny Baker and Mark Robbins escaped March 16 from the Lincoln County Jail. (Lincoln County Sheriff's Office)

Law enforcement officials across the state are continuing the search for three inmates who escaped the Lincoln County jail.

It's been four days now since 23-year-old Brian Moody, 23-year-old Mark Robbins and 41-year-old Sonny Baker made their way through jail's ventilation system to freedom late March 16.

Following the escape, it's believe the men stole two vehicles in the area. Officers are searching for a gray 2008 Dodge quad cab pickup truck with a license plate that reads AFK030, as well as a grey 2004 Dodge pickup with a license plate number of 185FGR.

One of those vehicles contained a loaded gun and stolen credit cards. The cards were reportedly used at a store in Midwest City around 3:15 a.m. March 17, where officials say one of the escapees may have family ties.

Investigators say none of the men have a violent history and were all incarcerated on felony property crimes, mostly car theft. However, law enforcement officials are asking that if you see these suspects, do not approach and call 911 immediately.

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