Rodney Anderson will not face charges in rape allegations

OU running back Rodney Anderson. (KOKH/Anthony West)

Rodney Anderson will not face charges after a woman said that she was raped by him.

The District Attorney of Cleveland County, Greg Mashburn, announced today that Anderson will not face any charges.

A protective order was filed against Anderson on Dec. 4 alleging he sexually assaulted her.

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Investigators say her story changed a couple of days later, when she recalled having consensual sex with Anderson before exchanging phone numbers.

The accuser also gave police friendly text messages exchanged with Anderson in the days following.

Then, three of the accuser’s friends voluntarily came forward saying she was excited and hoped to have a relationship with Anderson.

In the end, Mashburn determined criminal charges were not warranted.

"There are cases where we just simply can't prove something, so we will decline due to insufficient evidence. But I think in this case it was important for us to tell the whole story, so that people understand the facts that were presented to us through Norman PD's investigation," Mashburn said.

Mashburn will also not be pursuing charges against the accuser.

He says they cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that she lied.

Anderson's attorney, Derek Chance, has since responded, thanking the Norman Police Department and the DA’s office for a comprehensive investigation.

Chance said, “Mr. Anderson and his family are very much looking forward to a final resolution so that they can put this matter behind them and Mr. Anderson can focus on his obligations as a student-athlete.”

The hearing pertaining to the VPO filed by the accuser is still scheduled to take place Monday, December 18.

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