Port Aransas, Texas: After Hurricane Harvey

Damage that was found in Port Aransas, Texas after Hurricane Harvey. (Jordann Lucero/KOKH)  

Emergency crews have done a sweep of Port Aransas, Texas and say everyone is safe.

But there will still be a long recovery, there is a lot of damage to the city that got a direct hit from Harvey.

Siding from a house is all over the roadway.The city manager says every building, every structure has some kind of damage and the city mayor says it makes him feel sick to see the damage.

Torn up homes and businesses. The Mayor of Port Aransas Charles Bujan calls the conditions "significant" and "catastrophic."

"Homes and businesses, within the city, has sustained major structural damage. Including collapse, roofs being torn off, and generally major damage." said Bujan.

City officials and emergency crews estimate only about 80 people stayed behind and sheltered in place on the island during the hurricane.

During a first and second sweep they say they found only 11 people hurt, they had no major injuries and no deaths.

"It's was windy it got 140 miles an hour. We could hear stuff hitting the house. Luckily the house held up good." said Robert Pouliot who was one of the people who rode the storm out.

Some of the problems facing the people of Port Aransas are major gas leaks all over, no utilities working and cell phone service that is spotty.

With all of that in mind city officials say they made the hard decision to keep thole who left, everyone of them, out.

Crews from all over are helping with the emergency, but the locals crews, the fire department and police, say its emotional to do their work in their town.

"When it involves a lot of your friends and your family and your loved ones" said Port Aransas Police Chief Scott Burroughs, "the emotional toll is indescribable."

It will take long work to get everything back in place... But they'll do it.

"there's something you've just go to push through and i'm going to try to do my part and get it to where everyone else can come back." said Pouliot.

It's should be at least a couple of days before any resident is allowed back in to see what their property looks like. But when that happens, they'll still have to follow strict rules and guidelines to return.

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