Police: Two men wanted in connection to 13th homicide of 2017

Nedio Lopez and Teran Morales are wanted on complaints of first degree murder in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Police are searching for two men in connection to a double shooting that killed one person.

The Oklahoma City Police Department reports that Teran Constantino Morales, 54, and Nedio Vallin Lopez, 46, are both wanted on complaints of first degree murder and assault and battery with a deadly weapon.

The complaints come in connection to the March 4 double shooting in the 1500 block of SW 27 Street that killed 47-year-old Victor Vasquez. Marcos Avalos, 36, was also injured in the shooting.

Court records show that a witness and Avalos were sitting in the living room of the home when Lopez and Morales entered the home. Morales, armed with a bat, then began to allegedly assault Avalos. The witness told authorities he then heard Morales tell Lopez "Matalo", which means "Kill him" in Spanish. Lopez allegedly then shot Avalos.

Vasquez then came into the living room from his bedroom and was allegedly shot two to three times by Lopez. The witness told police Lopez then pointed the weapon at him and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire. The witness was then able to flee the home. Avalos was able to leave the home and approached a construction crew working in the area for help. Police were then called to the scene.

"You've got these two guys that we're looking for we believe they're involved in the shooting and killing of one person and the wounding of a second person. That obviously makes them dangerous individuals," Oklahoma City Police Department MSgt. Gary Knight said. "We want to find, get located, get them off the streets as soon as possible."

Police consider both Morales and Lopez as armed and dangerous. Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call 911 immediately.

The fatal shooting of Vasquez is considered the 13th homicide of 2017 in Oklahoma City.

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