Police: Oklahoma high school basketball coach arrested for selling 'fake meth'

An Oklahoma high school basketball coach has been arrested for allegedly selling "fake meth".

The Enid Police Department reports that David Powell, 27, and Cody Griffin, 25 were arrested Feb. 14.

An investigation began after Powell allegedly contacted a police informant and offered to sell them methamphetamine. During the course of the alleged transaction, Powell told the informant he was an employee of a public school. The informant and Powell then agreed to meet in the parking lot of an Enid Walmart.

On Feb. 14 police say Powell and Griffin arrived at the parking lot and were paid $85 by the informant and exchanged the meth. The two then pulled away and were then stopped and taken into custody by Enid police.

A field test of the substance exchanged found that it did not contain methamphetamine.

While officers spoke with Powell and Griffin, Powell admitted to the transaction and that "no dope" was sold before asking for a lawyer. Powell later identified himself as the head high school basketball coach at Aline-Cleo High School.

Griffin allegedly told police that the two had been high on methamphetamine and had spent all their money at local casinos. Police say Griffin then admitted to selling the "fake meth" to have money to purchase more drugs.

Both men were charged with distribution of an imitation controlled dangerous substance, violation of the computer crimes act and possession of drug proceeds.

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