Police: Dog put down after organs 'melted' due to being left in heat

Brian Hall, 43, was charged July 31 with animal cruelty in Oklahoma County. (Oklahoma County Jail)

A man faces an animal cruelty charge after a dog in his care died due to high temperatures.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show on June 15 officers were called to a home at 1726 NE 53 Street to assist Animal Welfare. At the home, officers found an unresponsive pit bull and another pit bull walking around in the sun.

One of the dogs reportedly had an internal temperature of 109 degrees. The dog walking around had an internal temperature of 103 degrees. A police report shows the dog with an internal temperature of 109 degrees had to be put down because the dog's internal organs had "melted". The other dog was saved.

Officers spoke to the dog's owners who reportedly had no remorse for not giving the animals water or shade. Police were able to collect enough evidence to charge the dog's owner, 43-year-old Brian Hall, with animal cruelty. Hall was cited in 2011 for animal cruelty to horses.

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