Man arrested in connection to the death of a 19-month-old

Bert Franklin was arrested in Tulsa in connection to the death of Lincoln Lewis (Tulsa County Jail)

The Oklahoma City Police Department has one person in custody in connection to the death of a 19-month-old.

Officers say they responded to Mercy Hospital located in the 4300 block of W. Memorial around 3:50 a.m. on Sunday in reference to a 19-month-old who was admitted to the hospital with a suspicious skull fracture.

One of the physicians at the hospital described the injury as so severe in nature that it could not have been caused by a short fall. The physician said there would have been a significant amount of force applied to the back of the child's skull.

According to the child's mother, 19-month-old Lincoln Von Henry Lewis was staying at her aunt's house on Saturday. Lewis was dropped off with her mother Saturday evening where she noticed he was "tired and fussy," and wouldn't take his bottle. Lewis went to sleep around midnight and a few hours later, his mother went to check on him and noticed Lewis sleeping with his eyes open, making a loud snore sound. Lewis' mother couldn't wake him up and his body was limp when she picked him up.

At this point, the police department says Lewis' mother rushed him to the hospital

According to a press release from the Oklahoma City Police Department, the child was transported by helicopter to a hospital in Tulsa due to the extent of the injury

Officials say the child died from injuries sustained while at the hospital on Monday.

A murder warrant was issued for the arrest of 35-year-old Bert Franklin who was taken into custody this afternoon in Tulsa. He will be booked into the Tulsa County Jail on a complaint of first-degree-murder, where he will await extradition to Oklahoma County.

Click on the link for Lincoln's Memorial Fund.

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