Police: 2 arrested after causing disturbance at metro bar, assaulting officer

Shauna Bramlett and Tony Ruzicka were both arrested August 7 in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma County Jail)

Two people were arrested after police say they caused a disturbance at a metro bar and then assaulted an officer.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show that at approximately 7 p.m. August 6 police were called to Edsel's Club, 1035 S. Meridian, after a female was throwing bar stools and "going crazy".

The woman fled the store before police arrived. While police were getting a description of the woman they were approached by Tony Ruzicka, 36, who kept interrupting their conversation with witnesses. When police asked if the woman paid for her drinks Ruzicka allegedly yelled "I paid for it! That's my girlfriend!"

Police say Ruzicka then got angry, balled up his fists and started walking towards police in an "aggressive" manner. One of the officers then pushed Ruzicka, who fell on the ground. Ruzicka was then placed into handcuffs and taken to a patrol car.

A citizen in the parking lot waved police down and stated there was a woman hiding under a van. Police then found Shauna Bramlett, 34, in the area. Officers noted that Bramlett had an overwhelming odor of alcohol on her breathe. She was then placed into custody. An investigation showed that Bramlett was the woman throwing chairs in the bar.

While in the back of the police vehicle, Bramlett allegedly began kicking a rear passenger window.

An officer interviewing Ruzicka noted that he began yelling and beating his head on a window in the vehicle. At some point, Ruzicka attempted to exit the vehicle, forcing the officer to step out and shut the back door. While placing Ruzicka in the back, the officer was allegedly kicked in the head. The man then allegedly threatened the officer saying "I'm going to f****** stick it in your a**".

Both Bramlett and Ruzicka were then booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. Bramlett faces complaints of public drunkenness. Ruzicka faces counts of assault and battery on a police officer, threatening an act of violence and public drunkenness.

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