Perry Board of Education accepts employee resignations amid child abuse investigation

Kenda Lyn Miller, 51, and Jeffrey Sullins, 51, have been charged with misdemeanor counts of failure to promptly report child abuse or neglect. (Noble County Sheriff's Office)

The Perry Board of Education unanimously voted to approve the resignations of Perry Upper Elementary principal Kenda Miller and teacher Jeff Sullins.

The board met at 6 p.m. Monday to discuss the possible resignation of both employees following sexual abuse allegations. Both Miller and Sullins were charged with misdemeanor counts of failure to promptly report child abuse on Feb. 16.

The Perry Upper elementary school principal and 5th grade math teacher have now officially resigned, after accusations that they knew about the abuse of dozens of students and did not report it.

The charges came after 85-year-old teaching assistant Arnold Cowen was charged with over 20 counts of lewd or indecent acts with a child. Court records allege both Miller and Sullins were notified that Cowen had inappropriately touched students but failed to report them.

The teaching licenses of both Miller and Sullins were suspended following the charges. Miller has sued the State Board of Education over that fact.

FOX 25 has obtained a copy of the resignation agreement for both elementary school principal Kenda Miller, and 5th grade math teacher Jeff Sullins.

According to the resignation agreement, Perry upper elementary school principal Kenda Miller was placed on paid administrative leave following the allegations, and was still paid $13,000 during her time on leave.

As for Sullins, the district paid him $1,000.

The school board said they would not be making a statement following Monday's meeting. The district Superintendent Scott Chenoweth remains on paid administrative leave.

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