Passengers run gamut of emotions after roller coaster stalls at Frontier City

Fire crews work to rescue customers from The Silver Bullet roller coaster May 4 in Oklahoma City. (KOKH)

Passengers aboard a metro roller coaster when it stalled went through a gamut of emotions during their nearly two-hour ordeal Thursday.

What was supposed to be a fun band trip for high school students from Shidler turned into a nightmare as The Silver Bullet roller coaster at Frontier City stalled around 11:25 a.m. May 4.

"I'm not afraid of heights and that was my first roller coaster and I don't think I'll ever ride one again,"A Shidler student told FOX 25.

Some of the 19 passengers on the coaster were able to be evacuated by park staff while others had to be harnessed by Oklahoma City firefighters and walked down a catwalk.

"Just don't look down. That's all I was doing," one of the students said.

Others were a bit more calm.

"To me, it wasn't that much of a big deal," A student said.

Katie Ghram, 15, told FOX 25 she was terrified to get on the ride and was concerned waiting in line before getting on the ride with a classmate.

"He finally got me calmed back down on the way up...Then he goes 'Oh no!' and then it stops...then I just started crying and hyperventilating," Ghram said.

Katie's dad, Steve, says he talked her into getting on the ride out of sheer fun. After hearing what he says was a "pop" and then watching staff shut down the ride he said his main concern was his daughter.

"Honestly, I thought my daughter passed out and they were going to bring her down...They came over really quick and told everybody it was broke down," Steve said.

He said had he known the ride had stalled in the past, most recently 10 months ago, he wouldn't have pushed her to get on.

Some riders have lost trust in coasters after the incident but others are trying to be optimistic.

The ride is temporarily shut down as the cause of the incident is investigated.

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